Could The Dog Days Of Summer Be A Threat To Your Business?

  With the “dog days” of summer upon us, most business owners are looking for ways to keep their company’s sales and profits HOT, while keeping their IT expenses COOL. But if proper attention is not given to your server and network equipment during the summer, all that heat outside can actually bring your company’s growth to a […]

Why Do You Need To Outsource Your IT Support? There’s Something You Should Know before Adding to Your Staff

One of the biggest concerns for a small business owner is finding ways to avoid unnecessary costs and keep their expenses down. As small business owners ourselves, we know that cost avoidance can be like money in your pocket when you’re on a tight budget. By the same token, neglecting your computer systems as a […]

Are You Using a Custom Desktop For Your Server? If So, You Could Be Risking More Than You Realize

As an IT consultant and engineer, I routinely visit several business locations each week and I’ve seen a lot of ways that people cut-corners on their IT infrastructure because they’re trying to avoid certain costs. The truth is that this strategy always comes back to bite you when you least expect it, and sometimes the […]

5 Smart Tips To Know Before Moving Your Data To A Cloud-Based Application

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and while some companies are moving their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, many others are choosing to streamline their businesses by moving individual business applications. If you are considering moving any of your company’s software applications “to the cloud,” make sure to consider these 5 tips […]