Why Businesses Choose Aureus Consultants

Here are just a few things our customers have to say about us

BXMM logo no background“We Spend Less Time Worrying”

“We definitely spend far less time worrying about IT issues knowing that a lot of problems are avoided just because Aureus Consultants proactively monitor our systems. Other times when we have issues, Aureus takes care of things for us, either remotely or on-site. That saves us time and we’re a service-based business, so time matters.”

stpaulschoollogo“Considerably Less Frustrating”

“We’re a school and we had multiple issues with teachers not being able to access the server, computers crashing, and other problems; so there was a lot of frustration. Aureus Consultants resolved our issues and spent the time and effort to find out what makes our systems work as efficiently as possible. They are very proactive, now our IT is considerably less frustrating for the teachers.”

“We Can Do Things in a Fraction of the Time”

“Our business in general needed a lot of updating; we were still using dot matrix printers and had no backup for our computer systems. Aureus Consultants have done a lot for us, they’ve helped us completely streamline our system. They set up backup systems, implemented new computers and printers, and taught us how to use them all. Definitely our productivity has increased because now I can do things in a fraction of the time purely on the basis that my printer is so much faster. We have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is backed up and up-to-date, and all of our computers are secure.”

“Prompt and Quality Service”

“I called Aureus Consultants because they had come highly recommended and I had been disappointed with the quality of service from other IT support companies in the past. Since they have been working for us, they are always prompt and set a high standard for customer service. Their competitive prices help keep my IT costs low which gives me peace of mind.”

AAM-Logo“Available, Dependable, and Local”

“Our business consists of piecemeal work, so sometimes we are like ships passing in the night at our office. But, when anything interrupts my ability to use my PC, I call Aureus Consultants. They are dependable, knowledgeable, and local with a fast response time. They are always there when I need them and I’m confident the problem will get fixed, whatever it is.”

“Back Up and Running Faster”

“We’re a small business and we don’t have an IT person here on staff, so in the past we’ve had to use other companies but weren’t able to get good, consistent customer service and sometimes we even had to wait for service. Since Aureus has been working for us, they are always very quick and we’re able to get a hold of them either by phone or by email. They’ve helped our productivity because now we have one company who can fix it the first time and get us back up and running much faster than we could before.”

Farmers_Insurance_Group_logo“They Go Out of Their Way to Fix My Problem”

“I’ve called Aureus Consultants on several occasions because they always know how to fix the IT issues I’m facing. They are able to remotely enter my computer and fix the problem, without even coming in to my office; or, if it’s a more complicated issue, they’ll even take my computer and work on it over the weekend. I’ve definitely got more peace of mind because I know who to call when we have a problem.”

Horizontal-FirstBaptist“Personable, Reasonable, and Dependable”

“I called Aureus Consultants because the company we were dealing with had raised their rates quite a bit. I liked them immediately, their technicians are personable, knowledgeable, and reasonable. They know their stuff and they get things done without spending a lot of time on it.”

“They Got Me Going Again”

“I had a virus on my computer and called another IT person to fix it, but instead they wiped out all of my data. A friend told me about Aureus so I called them and they were able to restore some of my data and got me going again. I haven’t needed a lot of help, but when I do I call Aureus Consultants because they take care of it.”

“We Can’t Work Without a Computer”

“We were having problems with viruses on our computer; it was running slow, a lot of pop-ups and I just didn’t feel safe using it. We can’t work without that computer and when it’s running slow it just makes everything that much more difficult to do. I called Aureus and they got to the root of the problem and had my computer fixed that same day.”

“Resolved On the First Go Around”

“We had a couple issues with our workstations not communicating with each other, and with our printer network also not communicating with the server, so that was a little frustrating. We’ve worked with other IT companies in the past but Aureus was capable of resolving it on the first go around, so we were definitely appreciative of that. I would say that we’ve seen a reduction in overall costs using their service because we were able to work out a monthly plan that covers the basic needs for our size and scope and scale of business.”

Farmers_Insurance_Group_logo“Faster and Smoother With Less Hang-ups”

“The issue I had was just a general overall lack of what I would consider to be a smooth functioning computer system. Aureus Consultants went in and completely analyzed our systems; they are experienced with Farmers programs and were able to clean up some things and get our programming working better. We’ve seen an increase in productivity because the staff is able to function more efficiently and produce the workload faster and smoother with less hang-ups and less problems with printers not communicating with the computer.”

“A Great Job Every Time”

“We needed our network set up at our new office, so we reached out to Aureus Consultants for help. They did a great job and were knowledgeable and responsive. We’re definitely more efficient now because of our IT and we have peace of mind knowing that it’s running properly.”

“Considerably Less Frustrating”

“We call Aureus when we have virus issues that pop up all of a sudden, and we need help that is beyond our knowledge of dealing with the infection. They usually take the computer and have it back the next day with the virus removed and usually running better than before. We have peace of
mind knowing there’s somebody who can take care of a problem so quickly. We have referred many businesses and friends to Aureus—all satisfied customers.”

“They Get It Done In One Shot”

“Our office was dealing with general virus issues, the computer locking up and restarting, and things like that. Obviously when your computers go down, especially in this business, it really shuts everything off and you can’t do anything. Aureus was quick to respond and took the time to explain exactly what they were going to do to rectify the problem. Having them come in in a timely fashion and get it done in one shot has definitely increased our production.”

Farmers_Insurance_Group_logo“Without Computers, We Cannot Do Anything”

“We had viruses on our system, one after another due to visiting certain websites, plus other IT issues. At the same time, I was in the process of relocating to another office due to expansion. I called Aureus Consultants to help setup our phones, Ethernet lines and Internet connection. As a result, our business runs smoothly. When I call Aureus Consultants to fix a problem, they show up the same day, and when I need an IT project implemented, they are usually done within a week.”