Are You Doomed If Your In-House Computer Expert Quits?

Here’s an important question most businesses don’t think about: what would happen if your in-house IT guru suddenly quit? Most business owners think it would only be a temporary inconvenience when, in fact, the opposite is usually true. Want to know how much you are at risk?

Ask Yourself The Following 3 Questions:

  • Do You Have Written Network Documentation About Your Computer Network?

    What software licenses do you own? What are the critical administrator passwords to your systems and devices? How is your computer network structured? What hardware do you own and when do your equipment warranties expire? Are there cloud vendors for email, online storage, etc. that you don’t’ currently have? You should NEVER allow a single IT person to keep this information under their full control over your network and company. If they suddenly left for any reason, this could lead to huge consequences for your company.

  • Do you know where your backup files are stored and if they are being stored properly?

    If you are like most business owners, you’re too busy dealing with the “crisis of the day” to think about system backups and probably leave tasks to your internal expert. If your database gets fried and your tech is nowhere to be found, you might be in a lot of trouble.

  • Do you have a written plan for restoring your network fast in the case of a disaster?

    If you don’t have a fully tested disaster recovery plan for your office, you could be at serious risk without ever knowing it until something happens.

Finally, An Easy Way To Keep Your Computers Running Faster, Cleaner, And Problem Free Without The Expense Of A Full-Time IT Staff!

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Ashley Smith-Jenkins

Ashley has vast experience in the information technology field relating to computer and network services, including web development. For the past 20 years, Ashley has provided computer consulting and implementation for his customers. Ashley’s educational experience includes a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the California State University of Fresno, as well as a being a Fluke Networks Certified Cabling Test Technician (CCTT), and CompTIA A+ Certified. | LinkedIn

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