3 “Techie” Reasons You Can Be Thankful This Season

Viruses and malware, fires, floods and theft, hardware failures, and human errors are just the tip of the iceberg of problems you could be facing with the critical data you are storing on your business server. But, if you have been investing in professional IT support for your network, you can be thankful this season for peace of mind – knowing all your systems are up-to-date and your critical data is safely backed up.

  • Cyber Thieves Keep A-Knockin But They Can’t Come In.

    A study presented at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks showed that small-business networks are attacked every 39 seconds by some type of hacker or malicious software. Thankfully, having the proper firewall and office network security tools can prevent even the most determined cyber hacker from getting his hands on your network. Are your systems covered?

  • Downtime Should Be A Thing Of The Past.

    Thanks to monitoring and maintenance tools that are openly available, any reputable computer company can now actually notice when things go awry and prevent your computers from having issues. Hot fixes, patches and security updates are generally items that, when maintained on a regular basis, keep a network healthy and up and running. If, for some reason, your network still has some kind of downtime, cloud-based remote management tools allow your IT professional to access your system from anywhere, getting you up and running more quickly than ever before.

  • If Disaster Strikes, You Can Be Back Up & Running In Minutes Instead Of Days.

    In addition to lost data, many business’ operations would be completely down for days or weeks if a major disaster like fire, flood or theft ever occurred. Here’s where off-site backup and cloud services can help you feel very thankful indeed. Most of today’s cloud solutions include an automatic backup feature, which means an exact “picture” of your server and computers is taken throughout the day and stored elsewhere. If you ever need to get back up and running, your IT company simply restores your data…and you’re back in business!

Why Are We Giving Away This Free Service?

Some people think we are crazy for offering free services. They say, “Aren‘t you afraid people will just take advantage of you?” The truth is, some people might but we know that most business owners are just honest people trying to find someone they can trust to fix and maintain their computer network.

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Ashley has vast experience in the information technology field relating to computer and network services, including web development. For the past 20 years, Ashley has provided computer consulting and implementation for his customers. Ashley’s educational experience includes a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the California State University of Fresno, as well as a being a Fluke Networks Certified Cabling Test Technician (CCTT), and CompTIA A+ Certified. | LinkedIn

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